UPDATE: Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculptors

Art in Public Spaces: Egg Harbor 2017

The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, in beautiful Door County, announces our inaugural year of Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculptors 2017. We created our organization with a strong belief in the positive impact the arts have on our world and to celebrate the power of art in public spaces. Door County attracts over 4 million visitors a season, and with that in mind, we have a goal of establishing Egg Harbor as an art destination community celebrating and showcasing the sculptural works of artists.

We would like to announce Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculptors 2017 season exhibition in the Village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. As you stroll through the public spaces in the Village, you will see outstanding sculptural works of art created by four of Wisconsin’s finest artists.


All sculptures are for sale. Thirty percent of the sale will benefit the Public Arts Initiative, with a portion of the funds to be used for future purchases of permanent art for public spaces in the Village of Egg Harbor. Each sculpture has a plaque with artwork details. Look for rack cards throughout Egg Harbor with a map and further details. Sculptures will be on display until October 20, 2017.

Join us in the wonderful celebration of Wisconsin sculptors!

The Public Arts Initiative (PAI) of Egg Harbor is a non-profit organization supporting and celebrating public art. If you are interested in our organization we welcome contributions of time or monetary support. Please contact us!

“Natural Wonders”

2017 Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculptor:

Moushey Dale, Michele - Natural Wonders Image

Michele Moushey Dale

Natural Wonders, 2010


71” x 18” x 22”


Available for Purchase


Looking out across Egg Harbor, a young boy with periscope in hand sitting upon a turtle is the sculpture “Natural Wonders” created by Edgerton artist Michele Moushey Dale. Her bronze, which is located in Harbor View Park, invites the viewer in for a closer look at the unexpected surprises of small plants and animals.

“Universal Mother”

2017 Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculptor:

Degenhardt, Patty - Universal Mother Image

Patty Degenhardt

Universal Mother, 2010


62” x 29” x 12”


Available for Purchase

Fish Creek artist, Patty Degenhardt’s “Universal Mother” cast in bronze with a verdigris patina, is nestled among the trees at the entrance of the Bird/Nature Park. Her abstracted, biomorphic mother embraces and nurtures her young swathed within her arms.

“Colored Mast”

2017 Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculptor:

Meurer, Adam - Colored Mast Image

Adam Meurer

Colored Mast, 2017

Painted Steel and Resin Plastic

10’ x 20” x 20”


Available for Purchase


Village View Park is where you will find Adam Meurer of Mequon’s “Colored Mast”. There is an inherent sense of movement as the surrounding light and colors are reflected and absorbed in his 10 foot, steel and resin cast abstracted boat’s mast.

“The Weaver”

2017 Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculptor:

Lind, Teresa - The Weaver Image

 Teresa Lind

The Weaver, 2014

Aluminum and Galvanized Steel

52” x 12” x 14”


Available for Purchase


“The Weaver” by Chilton artist, Teresa Lind, is on display at the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center. Using cast aluminum and steel, Lind’s art reflects the strength of women and their stories, as shown by the realistic woman weaving her own flowing dress made of steel wire.