Winners of the Three Dancers photography contest announced!

On Thursday evening, November 11th, the winners of the Three Dancers photography contest were announced inside the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion during the opening of the newest exhibit, An Artist’s Alphabet.

Watch the recorded presentation:

2021 Three Dancers Photography Contest Results

(photos to be added soon)

Category: Amateur, 13 & Older

Gary Sedan
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Title – “Three Dancers Sing The Body Electric!” Inspired by the title of the Ray Bradbury short story, I wanted the sculpture to appear to be bursting with energy, vital and alive. And, because they are dancers, I wanted to impart a sense of motion in keeping with the energy theme. The dark color background was chosen to help focus on the dancers and make everything pop.

Aruna Bolisetty
San Francisco, CA

The first aspect of the sculpture that drew me into it was the silhouette. They looked like a group of friends holding hands at a joyous occasion. I’m hoping in removing all the color, what we can focus on is the pure form of the shape and the juxtaposition of the three friends in a celebratory moment.

Phil Biebl
Madison, WI

I was at the Peg Egan summer concert on Sunday night and the entire evening was a perfect example of what Life at its finest is all about. The gorgeous weather, the happy crowd, the beautiful surroundings, the joy in my heart. It truly was an enchanted evening. — And the Three Dancers added to that magic! My photo captures the color, energy and dreamlike quality of a most memorable night.

Category: Youth, to age 12

Ferris McFarlane
Sturgeon Bay, WI
$150.00, first place tie

“I started with taking my time a little bit. I wanted my mom to put her hands together and make her legs bend a tinesy bit. Looked like my mom was circling and swinging around the sculpture. I wanted to get a really good angle. I liked the sun. The sculptures are pretty cool. Looks like three colors dancing. My mom looks like she’s dancing too.”

ShaeLynn Laughlin
Sturgeon Bay, WI
$150.00, first place tie

I call my artwork the life of the three dancers.

Category: Professional

Leah McFarlane
Sturgeon Bay, WI

“The THREE DANCERS has a very prominent silhouette, and I wanted to create this same effect having my son become part of this majestic performance. Even though the sculpture is station- ary, there is so much movement that entices the audience to start dancing too. Your eyes can’t help but to look up following the curves, shapes, and lines; the bubbles not only look like the spherical rings around the dancers, but they help my son “float” into the frame, although he is grounded. The sun is like a spotlight illuminating this captivating show.”

Bill Shewchunk
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Searching for a unique perspective, I explored every possible angle and settled on a view of the “Three Dancers” from above. I then enhanced this heavenly view with some post processing.

Lisa Larsen
Watertown, WI

To me, the most important aspect of this sculpture is it’s relationship to the space above it, the vastness of the moving sky against the implied movement of the piece itself, therefore my shot was taken from the ground looking up.

Judged by Jim Redding. Thank you to all who submitted!

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