Friday, June 25 ART SPEAKS

Join us from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. outdoors at the Kress Pavilion (7845 Church St, Egg Harbor).

Write On, Door County is pleased to a special edition of Art/Speaks with the Egg Harbor Public Art Initiative.

Art/Speaks is a free writing lab encouraging people to write in response to visual art. Led by poet Francha Barnard, this 60-minute writing activities is perfect for both beginning and advanced writers of all ages.

This session will focus on the metal sculptures of Richard Edelman, on display at the Kress Pavilion and in various locations in downtown Egg Harbor. Weather permitting, the session will be held outdoors.


About Art/Speaks:

The practice of using words to comment on a piece of visual art—ekphrasis—is an ancient one. One of the earliest and most commonly cited forms of ekphrasis occurs in The Iliad, when Homer provides a long and discursive account of the elaborate scenes embossed on the shield of Achilles. Contemporary literature provides many fine examples of ekphrastic writing. Though most common in poetry, ekphrastic writing can also include fiction and nonfiction.

Some background and examples of ekphrasis will be provided. Participants will be asked to write in response to one of the pieces from the current exhibit or to another piece that captures your imagination. Following the writing, writers will share their work aloud with other participants if they wish.

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