Kress Pavilion Welcomes “Alphabet”

The Egg Harbor Public Arts Initiative and The Kress Pavilion are pleased to announce the return of “An Artist’s Alphabet” an excerpt from Brian Pirman’s Animal Collage Series. Interrupted by COVID, the series is returning to the Kress in October. It incorporates vintage engravings and letterforms representing the complete alphabet with an ampersand and question mark.

Award-winning, regional artist and collegiate educator, Pirman’s work is informed by his background in Fine Art and Graphic Design. His process involves typography, design, photography and illustration. He has a tendency to focus on formal elements which include form, pattern, texture, color and composition. His longtime interest in photography has been empowered with the addition of electronic tools to shape and manipulate imagery. A recent goal has been to generate art that looks like it could have been done by hand using electronic tools. A main goal for Brian is to create work that warrants another look and hopefully another and another. He draws his inspiration from music, fine art, film, nature and popular culture.

The exhibit will run October through January 2022 and the public is invited to the opening reception with the artist at the Kress Pavilion on November 11 from 5-7 p.m. with the artist speaking at 6:00 p.m.

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