Spring Show — Between the Cracks

The Village of Egg Harbor’s Public Arts Initiative is excited to announce a liminal art exhibition featuring local and regional artists, and more than a few first-time artists, on display at the Kress Pavilion starting March 15 through Memorial Day 2021.

“Between the Cracks,” features 14 pieces, and came out of a 2021 winter challenge about facing the unknown and undefined within two virtual workshops held through the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion and lead by local artist Dawn Patel (Brilliant Stranger). Artists were asked to create from the in-between spaces of life where everything familiar disappears and one steps into the unknown.

“Coronavirus has created a global liminal experience. You could say we are ‘in the gap’,” explained Dawn. “We may feel lost but feeling lost implies the loss of a reference point, the reference point of old structures of thought and constructs of belief. Sometimes we are lost in order to find ourselves.”

The word liminal comes from a rite of passage, traditionally. Like going on a vision quest, facing death and coming back changed. Each artist went on a journey to show their in between space that may come from a transition, boundary, or threshold. All mixed media pieces, each with a story to accompany the piece.

This exhibition will remain on display until May 31, 2021 and includes textiles, mixed media, printmaking, cold wax, poetry and photography.

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