EGGstravaganza 2019

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Sponsored jointly by the Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor and the Egg Harbor Business Association, EGGstravaganza 2019 is now in the history books.

The egg auction was an “eggciting” event with an “eggcelent” return of $95,750. Each artist received half of the selling price of their egg and the remaining proceeds, after expenses, will be used to benefit the public arts in the Village of Egg Harbor.

EGGstravaganza 2019 Artsits at Auction
Special Thanks to all the EGGstravaganza Artists who helped make the 2019 EGGstravaganza an amazing success!!
After EGGstravagnza 2014, the Village was able to purchase pieces for the permanent collection: “Blue Sail”, “Egg Harbor Meadow”, “Steel Rooster”, and “Sunset Melody”, and commissioned three eggs, “Living Canopy”, “Stegg”, and “Wind in My Sails” for permanent display in front of the Bertschinger Center.


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Mni Wiconi

EGG #1

Location: Angela Lensch Gallery

Title: Mni Wiconi – Water is Life

Artist: Angela Lensch & Coleen Bins

Egg Sponsor: Angela Lensch Gallery

2 Carlton, Rebecca.Patricia Shoppe
Come Fly With Us

EGG #2

Location: Patricia Shoppe   

Title: Come Fly With Us

Artist: Rebecca Carlton

Egg Sponsor: Patricia Shoppe

3 Vanden Houten, Dale.Hatch Distilling Co.
Egg Supreme I

EGG #3

Location: Hatch Distilling Co.

Title: Egg Supreme I

Artist: Dale Vanden Houten

Egg Sponsor: Hatch Distilling Co.

4 Overbeck, Karin Main Street Market
Man in a Hat

EGG #4

Location: Main Street Market

Title: Man in a Hat

Artist: Karin Overbeck

Egg Sponsor: Main Street Market

5 Larsen, Maren.Door Co Sunglass
Highlights of Egg Harbor

EGG #5

Location: Door County Sunglass Company

Title: Highlights of Egg Harbor

Artist: Maren Larsen

Egg Sponsor: Door County Sunglass Company

6 Hamm, Patricia Mayhew.Mojo Rosa's
Two Big Red Flowers with Fancy Stuff

EGG #6

Location: Mojo Rosa’s

Title: Two Big Red Flowers with Fancy Stuff

Artist: Patricia Mayhew Hamm

Egg Sponsor: Mojo Rosa’s

7 Perrino, Deborah.Carrington Pub & Grill.Blacksmith Clothing Co.

EGG #7

Location: Blacksmith Clothing Co.

Title: Merlin

Artist: Deborah Perrino

Egg Sponsor: Carrington Pub & Grill and Blacksmith Clothing Co.

8 Pier, Brian.Be Beauthy Boutique
Harbor Reflections

EGG #8

Location: Be Beauty Boutique

Title: Harbor Reflections

Artist: Brian Pier

Egg Sponsor: Be Beauty Boutique

9 Watry, John.Shipwrecked Brew Pub
The S.S. Eggcelsior

EGG #9

Location: Shipwrecked Brew Pub

Title: The S.S. Eggcelsior

Artist: John Watry   

Egg Sponsor: Shipwrecked Brew Pub

10 Platta, Annella.Fat Louie's

EGG #10

Location: Fat Louie’s

Title: Pisanka

Artist: Annella Platta   

Egg Sponsor: Fat Louie’s

11 Stender, Matt.Tom & Marcia Huber

EGG #11

Location: Harbor View Park

Title: Beginnings

Artist: Matt Stender

Egg Sponsor: Tom & Marcia Huber

12 Larsen, Annie.Harbor View Park (1)

EGG #12

Location: Harbor View Park

Title: Out of my Shell

Artist: Annie Larsen

Egg Sponsor: Shallows Resort

13 Swift, Ceal.Shallows Resort
Sunset Sail Egg Harbor

EGG #13

Location: Harbor View Park

Title: Sunset Sail Egg Harbor

Artist: Ceal Swift

Egg Sponsor: Shallows Resort

14 Klopack, Ken.Door County Nature Works
Thomas Hart Benedict

EGG #14

Location: Door County Nature Works

Title:  Thomas Hart Benedict

Artist:  Ken Klopack

Egg Sponsor: Door County Nature Works

15 Richter, Jerry.Plum Bottom Gallery
Our Universe

EGG #15

Location: Plum Bottom Gallery

Title: Our Universe

Artist: Jerry Richter

Egg Sponsor: Plum Bottom Gallery

16 Olson, Jeffrey.Greens N Grains
Wildflower & Butterflies

EGG #16 

Location: Greens N Grains

Title: Wildflower & Butterflies   

Artist: Jeffrey Olson    

Egg Sponsor: Greens N Grains

17 Gilchrist, Lynn.Parador
Chorus at the Shore

EGG #17

Location: Parador

Title: Chorus at the Shore

Artist: Lynn Gilchrist

Egg Sponsor: Parador

18 Lee, Susan.Main Street Shops
Ethyl Benedict’s Kodachrome Egg

EGG #18

Location: Main Street Shops

Title: Ethyl Benedict’s Kodachrome Egg

Artist: Susan Lee

Egg Sponsor: Main Street Shops

19 Coates, Frances.Woodwalk Gallery
Sunlit Shoreline to Shaded Ridges

EGG #19

Location: Main Street Shops

Title: Sunlit Shoreline to Shaded Ridges

Artist: Frances Coates

Egg Sponsor: Woodwalk Gallery

20 Kuhns, Jeanne.Serenity Bridge Yoga
From Roots to Sky

EGG #20

Location: Nicolet National Bank

Title: From Roots to Sky

Artist: Jeanne Kuhns

Egg Sponsor: Donald & Carol Kress

21 Schappe, Robert Gary.Nicolet National Bank
Ferrous Ovum II

EGG #21

Location: Nicolet National Bank

Title: Ferrous Ovum II

Artist: Robert Gary Schappe

Egg Sponsor: Nicolet National Bank

22 Kribs-Mays.edible DOOR
Anniversary Waltz of the Flowers

EGG #22

Location: Egg Harbor Welcome Center

Title: Anniversary Waltz of the Flowers

Artist: Diane Kribs-Mays

Egg Sponsor: edible door

23 Beck, Kathleen Mand.Cappaert Contemporary Gallery
Flying Flowers

EGG #23

Location: Cappaert Contemporary Gallery

Title: Flying Flowers

Artist: Kathleen Mand Beck

Egg Sponsor: Cappaert Contemporary Gallery

24 Prohl, Tom.Harbor Hardware
Safe Harbor

EGG #24

Location: Harbor Hardware

Title: Safe Harbor

Artist: Tom Prohl

Egg Sponsor: Harbor Hardware

25 Kabat, Amanda.Ashbrooke Hotel
Wildflowers of Wisconsin

EGG #25

Location: Ashbrooke Hotel

Title: Wildflowers of Wisconsin   

Artist: Amanda Kabat

Egg Sponsor: Ashbrooke Hotel

26 Potthoff, Crystal.Newport Resort
Rainbow Butterflies

EGG #26

Location: Newport Resort

Title: Rainbow Butterflies

Artist: Crystal Potthoff

Egg Sponsor: Newport Resort

27 Schwaller, Renee.Kathy & Dale Hanke
Summer Garden

EGG #27

Location: Kress Pavilion  

Title: Summer Garden

Artist: Renee Schwaller

Egg Sponsor: Kathy and Dale Hanke

Egg photographs by Jeff Larson.

EGGstravaganza Display: May 24 – August 17

The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor and the Egg Harbor Business Association joined forces to celebrate the Village’s 55th anniversary! You’re invited to join us once again to celebrate EGGstravaganza. 28 artist created eggs will be on display between May 24th and August 17th. Spectators can go on an egg hunt to view each sculpture and vote for their favorite.

EGGstravaganza Auction: August 17, 2019

EGGstravaganza serves as a fundraising vehicle to promote permanent public art in the Village of Egg Harbor. Join us at the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion for a live auction of the eggs! Proceeds to equally benefit the artists and future public arts projects in the Village.




JUNE 27, 2019, 1-2PM  & JULY 18,2019, 11-12 noon


Learn more about the EGGS-PHRASTIC WRITING event here>>>


Event Sponsors

Be Beauty Boutique, edible DOOR, Donald & Carol Kress, Nicolet National Bank

Egg Sponsors

Angela Lensch Gallery, Ashbrooke Hotel, Blacksmith Clothing Co., Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, Carrington Pub & Grill, Door County Nature Works, Door County Sunglass Company, Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company, Greens N Grains, Kathy and Dale Hanke, Harbor Hardware, Hatch Distilling Co., Tom and Marcia Huber, Main Street Market, Main Street Shops, Mojo Rosa’s, Newport Resort, Parador, Patricia Shoppe, Plum Bottom Gallery, Serenity Bridge Yoga, Shallows Resort, Shipwrecked Brew Pub, Woodwalk Gallery


Eggstravaganza 2014

To celebrate the Village of Egg Harbor’s 50th anniversary in 2014, the Public Arts Committee hosted its first public art event: EGGstravaganza. Egg sculptures designed and created by local and regional artists were on display from mid May through the middle of August and auctioned off at a gala on August 23, 2014. Fifty percent of the sale of the egg was given to the artist and the remaining fifty percent was used to purchase public art pieces for the Village’s permanent collection.

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