The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor, WI

About us

We know that the arts enrich the lives of all who live in and visit Egg Harbor.

We are an active group of artists, educators, volunteers, and engaged residents that celebrate, promote, and enhance the arts.


Egg sculptures designed and created by local and regional artists are placed on display and auctioned off at an end-of-season gala. Fifty percent will be used to purchase public art pieces for the Village’s permanent collection.

Kress Pavilion Exhibits

Take advantage of the rotating art exhibits available at the Kress Pavilion throughout the year.

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Browse our collection of permanent exhibits and their locations throughout the Village.

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Personalised Fitness Assessment

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Where do I start with thanking everyone who walked, talked, supported, shared, laughed, cared and loved me on my beautiful and challenging life of Dovetail Gallery and Studio and more. Always First, My God for holding my hand all the way and blessing me with my creative spirit! My super supportive and loving daddy and mom, children and grandchildren sweet friends from long ago and now dear gallery helpers, visitors and customers, especially those still part of my life delightful…

Kathy Beck


How To Get Involved

There are many ways to support public art in Egg Harbor. Click below to find out how to join us or support our newest projects.


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Business Partnerships

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