Between The Cracks: The Gift of Liminality

Virtual 2-Day Workshop

As we enter this winter of unknowns and isolation for many, this time in history can be seen as gift as much as struggle. Within this liminal, in-between space lies dormant a great potential for creative exploration.  If the words or feelings of falling “Between the Cracks” speaks to you, we invite you to take part in a group exhibition at the Kress Center in Egg Harbor.

January 23 & 30 from 10am-12pm

Open to all ages, it is recommended that artists attend both free Virtual (Zoom) Workshops led by Door County artist and educator Dawn Patel. Recordings of the workshops will be available through end of February 2021 and will be shared below inside this article when they are available.

Artists should supply their own tools and equipment. If needed, computer/WIFI access will be available at the Kress Pavilion during workshops times. Please call to reserve your computer space at 920-868-3334, extension 3.

Participants will create and display a work of art for a 3-month exhibit beginning March 2021. All mediums will be considered (some limitations may apply for the space). The workshop will utilize visualization, automatic writing and drawing as well as meditation of dream and consciousness exploration. Absolute beginners as well as experienced artists are encouraged to join.

(Video above: Between the Cracks – Session 1)

(Video above: Between the Cracks – Session 2)

Dawn Patel is the artist and clothing creator behind Brilliant Stranger in Egg Harbor and on Etsy.  Dawn has over 30 years of experience creating, teaching and exhibiting art, as well as developing her own method and practice of embodied art making. Past teaching experience with Youth through Adults include Milwaukee Art Museum, University of WI Milwaukee, Northland College, the Chas A Wustum Art Museum and The Peninsula School of the Arts.  She has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards and most recently served as an artist in residence in Puebla, Mexico with the Arquetopia Institute.

Liminal, adjective, relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process, or Occupying a position at or on both sides of a boundary or threshold.

For many artists and creators living in Door County, the question of belonging begs to be answered. The climate, tourist/seasonal economy and demographics of Door County can result in experiences of solitude that while often ideal for artistic practice can lead to isolation. If not connected to one of our county’s prominent galleries or tied to a beneficial social network, many an artist creates in a private space and can seemingly fall “between the cracks.”  This space can be be seen as a liminal space.

And yet, in the famous words of Leonard Cohen, this is “where the light gets in.”  These pockets of light are where artists working in solitude fill the liminal spaces of our County with beauty and creativity.  Liminality can, in this way, be seen as an opportunity and gift.

Perhaps you are creating in solitude and your work is not seen by a larger audience than close friends and family? Or you belong to a supportive social group that is itself between the cracks of our dominant narrative? Or you are concerned you may lack the funds to present your work in a way that makes it gallery material?

Whatever your “story”, if you resonate with the feeling of being and falling “between the cracks” in any way, you are invited to participate and contribute to this unique exhibition opportunity.

We will begin with a two day virtual workshop, in which the experience of liminality is explored and embodied, and ultimately leading to the creation of a work of art, writing or performance on the the theme of the in-between space – the cracks or crevices of culture and society where creativity pours into a private space. 

What and Who are Liminal?

People existing in the crevices and margins of  the mainstream (such as hermits, monks, exiles) People having an experience that puts them the in a temporary way (such as grief, job loss, divorce, illnesses, but also astronauts, cave explorers and travelers) People who enter into liminality as a practice – Artists, Spiritual practitioners, actors, etc.., and people who by definition are liminal beyond personal choice and decision (marginalized people, refugees, immigrants, members of racial minorities, transgender people and people with disabilities, to name some examples)  The social circumstances resulting from the Covid Pandemic can be seen as creating liminal experiences for many, as well as some of the current breakdowns in political stability and status quo.

Contact Dawn Patel for more information at dawn (at) or 920-366-0301.

Egg Harbor’s Public Arts Initiative presents Fall/Winter Show by Green Bay Group, Women Who Run with Scissors

Women Who Run with Scissors and the Village of Egg Harbor’s Public Arts Initiative are excited to announce concurrent fiber art exhibitions, “Old Maid Revisited,” and “Exotic Pollinators,” now on display at the Kress Pavilion until February 2021.

“Old Maid Revisited,” features 14 pieces, and came out of a 2018 challenge in which artists were to imagine a fictitious character with an actual occupation for a new version of the Old Maid Card Game. Unlike very simple themes like Tired Tom or Silly Sara, the pieces reflect unusual, uncommon… or even illegal professions, each with a story to accompany the piece. 

The other exhibition, “Exotic Pollinators Challenge,” had only a few rules, the finished quilt was to be 18” x 25” and depict any method of pollination, from boy scout feet stomping through the woods, to wind, fire, waves and the countless number of insect bird or animal activities which help to pollinate our planet.

The exhibition comes from Women Who Run with Scissors a Green Bay Fiber Art Group founded in 1997. According to their mission statement, “Our interests are in creating original pieces of fiber art and enjoying the thread of weirdness that binds us all together. Those same irreverent qualities that got us into trouble in grade school are now finally working to our advantage as we blend our personal visions with the exploration of contemporary surface design techniques.”

This exhibition will remain on display until February of 2021 and includes 28 quilt pieces. 

If you believe that quilts are simply blankets that are meant to be thrown over your bed, think again. Women Who Run with Scissors challenged the traditional purpose of a quilt and turned their hobby into creative artwork.

About Women Who Run with Scissors:  Women Who Run with Scissors is a Fiber Art group founded in 1997 based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Their common interests are in creating original pieces of fiber art and enjoying the thread of weirdness that binds them all together.  Those same irreverent qualities that got them into trouble in grade school are now finally working to their advantage as they blend their personal visions with the exploration of contemporary surface design techniques.

The artist group is comprised of 15 women who are first and foremost interested in having fun and making art.  The order of importance flips back and forth, and many of the artists experiment with a variety of art forms and activities.  Their creativity and humor shine through the pieces they create.

Artspeaks writing workshop at the Kress Pavilion.

The PAI of Egg Harbor, Write On Door County & The Kress Pavilion are pleased to announce an Artspeaks writing workshop at the Kress Pavilion.

This writing lab will be held

Friday, November 22, 2019 from 11am to noon.

Artspeaks is a practice of writing in response to a piece of art, this is an ancient form of art called ekphrasis.

Poet Francha Barnard will lead this workshop.   She will provide some background information and some examples of ekphrasis writing.  The participants will be free to chose a piece of art in the exhibit on the main level of the Kress Pavilion to write about.

When everyone is finished the participants will have the opportunity to share their writing if they wish.

This Artspeaks event is free and open to all interested individuals, from beginning writer to the more advanced writer.  

Museum of Natural Inspiration” Exhibit


The Egg Harbor Public Arts Initiative announces the opening of the Lawton Gallery’s exhibition, “Museum of Natural Inspiration: Artists Explore the Richter Collection.” This exhibit is collaboration between the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s Lawton Gallery, the University’s Center for Biodiversity, and features artists who have created artwork inspired by the Richter Museum of Natural History’s collection of specimens. This exhibit is in a true partnership of art and science.

The exhibit opened with a free public reception on Tuesday, Nov. 5 from 4PM to 7PM, which included a special presentation by the Open-Door Bird Sanctuary. The artwork on display is on loan to the Donald & Carol Kress Pavilion from University Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Lawton Gallery.

This exhibition will remain on display until Spring 2020. It is the hope that by displaying the works in Door County, it will further broaden year-long celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Center for Biodiversity.

EGGstravaganza 2019 – Thank You!

use egg bookPhoto bookPhoto book2Thank you to artists, sponsors and the whole community for raising $95,750 at the auction. Half of the sale of each egg will be paid to each artist and the remaining proceeds after expenses will be used to further the public arts in the Village of Egg Harbor.

Thank you again to all! The community has gained so much from your support!


Sponsored jointly by the Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor and the Egg Harbor Business Association








JULY 18,2019, 11-12 noon



A Special Art/Speaks EGGStravaganza Creative Lab

20 Kuhns, Jeanne.Serenity Bridge YogaThe practice of using words to comment on a piece of visual art—ekphrasis—is an ancient one. One of the earliest and most commonly cited forms of ekphrasis occurs in The Iliad, when Homer provides a long and discursive account of the elaborate scenes embossed on the shield of Achilles. Contemporary literature provides many fine examples of ekphrastic writing. Art/Speaks is a long-running Write On program encouraging people to write in response to art at local galleries.

We take a unique spin on this literary tradition, with this special edition of Art/Speaks, in collaboration with the Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor. EGGS-Phrastic Writing will inspire participants to write in response to one of the many eggs on display throughout the village of Egg Harbor.

This program is free and open to all ages.

Celebrate! Wisconsin Sculpture 2019

Art in Public Spaces: Egg Harbor

The Public Arts Initiative invites you to enjoy Season Three of “Celebrate! Sculpture” in the Village of Egg Harbor!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor invites you to walk the Village of Egg Harbor and enjoy the third season of “Celebrate! Sculpture”. This annual art show brings new outdoor sculpture to the village for public display.  This season has added four new sculptures displayed in the Village for public enjoyment. Participating artists include Adam Meurer “Sail”, Barbara and Doug Henderson “Garden Spirit” (represented at Woodwork Gallery), and  Stephen Yankowski “Hallelujah” and “Swerve” and “Dive”(represented by Cappaert Contemporary Gallery). These nationally known artists have created unique art pieces in a variety of different mediums, including glass and metals, for the 3rd season of “Celebrate! Sculpture”.
Maps with locations of the “Celebrate! Sculpture” artwork and Egg Harbor’s permanent outdoor sculpture walk are available at the Egg Harbor Welcome Center and local business. All of the artwork is for sale with part of the proceeds going to help purchase additional pieces of public art for the Village of Egg Harbor’s growing Sculpture Walk.

“Celebrate! Sculpture” will be on display thru the end of October.

Keep an eye out for The Public Arts Initiative’s upcoming call for art for the fourth season of “Celebrate! Sculpture 2020”. The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor is a 501c3, non for profit, with all donations used for the purchase of public art in public places and educational programs.

EGGstravaganza 2019 is here!

Egg photographs by Jeff Larson.

Gala Auction August 17, 2019 

Kress Pavilion 7845 Church Street Egg Harbor, WI 54209 

Doors Open – 4:30 PM . Auction Begins – 6:00 PM




EGGstravaganza Display: May 24, 2019  –  August 17, 2019

The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor and the Egg Harbor Business Association joined forces to celebrate the Village’s 55th anniversary! You’re invited to join us once again to celebrate EGGstravaganza. 28 artist created eggs will be on display between May 24th and August 17th. Spectators can go on an egg hunt to view each sculpture and vote for their favorite. View egg locations here 

EGGstravaganza Auction: August 17, 2019. Doors Open at 4:30pm with Auction to start at 6:00pm at the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion

EGGstravaganza serves as a fundraising vehicle to promote permanent public art in the Village of Egg Harbor. Join us at the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion for a live auction of the eggs! Proceeds to equally benefit the artists and future public arts projects in the Village. Proxy Bidding Available. Download form: Proxy Bid Form or pickup at Egg Harbor Welcome Center. View or Print an Event Poster: Auction Poster

EGGstravaganza serves as a community awareness and fundraising vehicle for the Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor, Inc. Maps will be available for spectators to participate an in “egg hunt” to locate and observe each display. Learn more >>>

View more artist created eggs on our facebook page here. 

Vote for your favorite Egg

EGGstravaganza 2019 Peoples Choice Award

Vote for your favorite egg sculpture! You can vote online or utilize the ballots located at Be Beauty Boutique, Main Street Market, Nicolet National Bank, and Plum Bottom Gallery. One vote per person.

Winner will be announced at the live auction on August 17!  VOTE HERE

For further information please contact The Egg Harbor Business Association at (920) 868-3717, or The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor, Inc. at P.O. Box 104, Egg Harbor, WI 54209, or email to 

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Artists: Angela Lensch & Coleen Bins

Event Sponsors

Be Beauty Boutique, edible DOOR, Donald & Carol Kress, Nicolet National Bank

Egg Sponsors

Angela Lensch Gallery, Ashbrooke Hotel, Blacksmith Clothing Co., Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, Carrington Pub & Grill, Door County Nature Works, Door County Sunglass Company, Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company, Greens N Grains, Kathy and Dale Hanke, Harbor Hardware, Hatch Distilling Co., Tom and Marcia Huber, Main Street Market, Main Street Shops, Mojo Rosa’s, Newport Resort, Parador, Patricia Shoppe, Plum Bottom Gallery, Serenity Bridge Yoga, Shallows Resort, Shipwrecked Brew Pub, Woodwalk Gallery
 Thank you to our 2019 Event Sponsors

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