The mission of The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit entity is to develop, promote and expand the public art experience in the Village of Egg Harbor. We know the positive impact the arts have on cultural tourism and economic development for our community. It is our goal to create and maintain the highest quality public art program and to be recognized locally, regionally and nationally, which will further enhance the extraordinary reputation of the Village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. We will also sponsor workshops and special events throughout the year to promote education, participation, and the enjoyment of the arts in our community.

Our board members include professional and amateur artists, educators, business owners and marketing and advertising specialists – that bring years of experience to the table.

Currently, our our board members are:

  • Kathleen Mand Beck
  • Andy Seefeldt
  • Emily Roedl
  • J. Stephen Smith
  • Ann Johnson
  • Dawn Patel

We enjoy close working relationships with the Village of Egg Harbor and the Egg Harbor Business Association.

Our financial support comes from a variety of sources including fund-raising events such as Eggstravagansa, the Village of Egg Harbor, and private donations.

To donate to the Public Arts Initiative (PAI) of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, you can contact us through our email at paiofeggharborwi@gmail.com or our address at P. O. Box 104, Egg Harbor, WI 54209.

Volunteers are welcome!

If you enjoy the arts and would like to support our mission and have a lot of fun along the way let us know! Simply contact us via the email above.

We are excited about the continuation of Public Art in Egg Harbor, and we look forward to your support and participation!