By Ken Mathys

Why public art?

Public art contributes significantly to the quality of life and sense of place for residents and visitors. Thriving arts districts serve as the cultural hub of their communities. Public art celebrates community, drives tourism and quality economic development, and opens doors to new investment.

Who we are

We are an active group of artists, educators, volunteers, and engaged residents that celebrate, promote, and enhance the arts.

Our vision

The arts enrich the lives of all who live in and visit Egg Harbor.

Our mission

To open the Door of art to the Egg Harbor community.

Our values

• The importance and diversity of the arts to our sense of place

 • Community interaction and involvement

 • Our rich history from Indigenous Peoples through present day

 • The environment and natural beauty of Lake Michigan and Niagara Escarpment

 • Public access

Our High Level Goals

 • Develop strong infrastructure – board, benevolence and volunteer support structures

 • Enhance Egg Harbor’s infrastructure with artistic and interactive elements

 • Expand and enhance publicly owned art and other forms of art; utilize village venues

 • Sponsor Kress Events Center Exhibits

 • Expand our 2025 Eggstravaganza to engage a wider range of interest and participation

 • Develop an art appreciation and education program

 • Develop a family-friendly children’s art center by 2026

 • Host an Egg Harbor arts festival (separate from Eggstravaganza) by 2027

 • Dedicate a new “Egg Harbor Art Center” in 2030

History and partnership with the Village of Egg Harbor

Village leadership has long recognized the importance of public art to our community.  The Village established the Public Art Initiative (PAI) committee within the village in 2010 to serve as “an independent arts advisory consultant for the purpose of improving the cultural environment in the Village through the development of public arts”.  In 2017, PAI incorporated as an independent 501c(3) non-profit organization. 

While we are an independent organization, we do support the following shared goals with the Village of Egg Harbor:

  • To create a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the residents and visitors of our community
  • To integrate the design work of arts into public spaces through various and different mediums
  • To preserve the Village’s permanent art collection
  • To promote tourism through public art programs and events within the community

Our key initiatives with the Village include:

  • Develop public art maintenance program
  • Continue Celebrate! WI Sculptors program
  • Continue Kress rotating art exhibits
  • Continue Eggstravaganza (2025)
  • Partner on development of artistic elements in the village infrastructure

Board of Directors

  • Kathy Beck, Past-president 
  • Ken Mathys, President
  •  Emily Roedl, Vice-president
  •  Andy Seefeldt, Secretary
  •  Mike Mandler, Treasurer
  • Steve Smith, Public Art Maintenance
  • Juliana Behme, Communications
  • Karon Ohm, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Fundraising – open